Making sure fonts are embedded in LaTeX thesis and dissertation documents

KU thesis rules require that all fonts used in the submitted PDF document must be embedded in the document itself. This is required to eliminate the problem that special symbols are not legible in the document on the receiver's computer.

Making sure all fonts are embedded appears to be not so easy across platforms. When I compile the ku thesis document, I notice the Wingding and symbols are not embedded.

However, this is not a flaw in pdflatex as it currently exists. It was a pdflatex flaw in the past. So far as I can tell, all fonts needed in the pdflatex run are embedded if you use a LaTeX distribution that is reasonably modern.

The major problem arises when a document includes other PDF documents, using \includegraphics{} for example. If those included documents are lacking in embedded fonts, then pdflatex does not fix that.

In my example document, before 20160503, the fonts were missing because they were not embedded in the R plots that are included in the example chapters. I had to to go back and re-run the R code to make sure the fonts are embedded in the pdf files for the graphs. After that, the pdflatex output of the thesis template is fine.

You can check for yourself, Run

$ pdffonts thesis-ku.pdf

If we don't fix the R output files before compiling the thesis itself, we are in a somewhat dangerous situation. People suggest using various magic wands to add fonts, but all of them seem to have major flaws. They either corrupt the quality of the output or destroy its internal structure.

I found ways to embed fonts using ghostscript. This converts document over to ps and then back to pdf.

$ pdf2ps  thesis-ku.pdf
$ ps2pdf14 -dPDFSettings=/prepress -dEmbedAllFonts=true

The bad news. 1 It destroys internal hyperlinks. 2 IT DOES NOT embed fonts needed for material in embedded graphs (things inserted by \includegraphics, such as PDF produced by R).


In my opinion, this is a bad outcome, should not happen. But it does.

As a result, it seems necessary to fix the individual PDF graphics files before compiling the larger thesis document.

This reminds me that at one point I had a post-processing script written for R Sweave sessions that would embed fonts in all pdf output files.

The shell script would cycle through all of the R output and embed fonts. Enjoy!

for i in *.pdf; do
base=`basename $i .pdf`;

##echo "$i base: $base new: $basenew"
  /usr/bin/gs -o $basenew -dNOPAUSE -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress -sDEVICE=pdfwrite $i

mv -f $basenew $i

Same can be achieved inside R. Each time a PDF is created, embed the fonts with the embedFonts() function. See ?embedFonts

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