PSPP, git-lab implemented

Are we more excited to have PSPP or Git with lfs support? Lets have a show of hands!

PSPP is the GNU project's version of a user friendly statistical package for the social sciences. It falls in line with the other easy-to-use GNU stats program called GRETL.

The other big news is that our Gitlab server is upgraded to allow Git lfs (large file structure). As many of you know, Git is intended to tracking changes in text files. When the files being tracked are "binary" files, say photos or movies, Git cannot track changes at all. Instead, it must save the entire file--every copy of every revision. In our guides repository, which is now mirrored online at, this was causing Git to become slower and slower.

As of October 6, 2016, we have transitioned to Git lfs. We are holding a training workshop on October 7, 2016, at 3pm in Watson library Room 455 if you are interested. If you can't attend, you get the big picture if you watch these 2 videos on YouTube:

What is Git LFS (by Tim Peterson)

I thought that one was more more informative than the 2 minute presentation from the Git LFS team, but that's also nice.

Git Large File Storage - How to Work with Big Files (GitHub Training Team)

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