Portable Parallel Seeds for R (and other cluster updates)

We've been reworking the high performance computing examples so that they line up with the latest and greatest advice about how to organize submissions on the ACF cluster computing system. Please update your copy of the hpcexample archive (see http://crmda.ku.edu/parallel-programs).

In the process, we notice that some updates are possible in our "portableParallelSeeds" package for R. Because this package alters the random number generator structure in the R environment, we are not releasing it to the CRAN system. It can be installed from our KU server, however. We suggest you try the following;

CRAN <- "http://rweb.crmda.ku.edu/cran"
KRAN <- "http://rweb.crmda.ku.edu/kran"
options(repos = c(KRAN, CRAN))

Remember this: if you want to get updates by running "update.packages()" inside R, it is necessary to run the first 3 lines here to set your system to look for packages in KRAN.

The portableParallelSeeds package is delivered with two vignettes (essays) named "PRNG-basics" and "pps". To see all about it, run

help(package = "portableParallelSeeds")

Along with the package, a prototype design for Monte Carlo simulations is included. It is in the install folder of the package. There is a directory named "examples" and the prototype is "paramSweep-1.R".

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