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Text Analysis with R

We are having a little practice session. Quick notes about working through the examples in Matthew L. Jockers fine book, Text Analysis with R for Students of Literature. Browse here: and download the zip file that it points at … Continue reading

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Portable Parallel Seeds for R (and other cluster updates)

We've been reworking the high performance computing examples so that they line up with the latest and greatest advice about how to organize submissions on the ACF cluster computing system. Please update your copy of the hpcexample archive (see … Continue reading

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Do not let this happen to your survey project

Bring in your survey, let us take a look! Perhaps one of our GRAs can save you from this ignominious fate. We have open (free) walk-in consulting. Find out more on the Open Consulting Page

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Cluster Computing Updates

Hot off the press! Advanced Computing Facility Cluster news. In the past 2 months, several of user have noticed that some jobs they submit take a long long time to start. Some have noticed that the same job will fail … Continue reading

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kutils Package for R: New Updates Available

The KRAN server, an R repository hosted by the Center for Research Methods and Data analysis at the University of Kansas, offers packages being prepared for researchers that use R. A suite of tools for research project management, dubbed "kutils", … Continue reading

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Best of Lawrence Chooses CRMDA

The CRMDA team has been selected for this prestigious honor.

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PSPP, git-lab implemented

Are we more excited to have PSPP or Git with lfs support? Lets have a show of hands! PSPP is the GNU project's version of a user friendly statistical package for the social sciences. It falls in line with the … Continue reading

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